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Web Design services

Here you can find the most comprehensive set of web services. We are not trying to re-invent the web credo. We are, however, solving the dilemma of cost/quality trade-off. 

We offer the most comprehensive web design service out there. Our engagement starts from inception, design and development to hosting and technical support. On-going optimization for your website can be done using our SEO service. That includes both on page and off page optimization. 

Responsive, Modern Web Design

Creative is just the beginning of what we do. Our team of seasoned designers deliver websites that are well fitted to your business goals, industry, and latest design trends and guidelines in the web design scene. Not to mention that all our designs are responsive by nature offering uncompromising user experience. 

Custom Websites VS CMS Websites

Whether your business needs a custom website developed from scratch or one based on CMS templates, you will have our full support. Just remember in both options you will get the finest output out there.  

If you cannot decide, contact us and we can help you for free! 

Websites Management Service

  • Website management is the most comprehensive web service out there. For a competitive monthly subscription, you get:
  • Web hosting  Regular maintenance  Content update  Features addition  Regular backup  Components update  Performance optimization  Technical support  And more
  • You can subscribe to the whole package or choose certain components. Contact us now get your customized quote.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is as important as having a website. It is very important to hire a pro for it, not only because of its complexity, but also because it is very time consuming. Our team is excellent at driving results. We do what it takes in the world of SEO to get your website to its appropriate audience. That includes both on-page and off-page optimization. Hit the submit button below to get your quote.

Copywriting and Blogging Services

We work with professional writers who craft world class website copies and blog posts. We will help you publish the most appealing content which is customized to target specific keywords to help you rank better. 

Business Law Responsive Website

Business Law Conference

ServiceZone was honored to be chosen to design and develop a world-class responsive website for the annual Business Law conference held in the Middle East. The website is the main portal for event reservation and payment.
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vstores eCommerce Platform


ServiceZone helped vstores craft its brand and showcase its services on an ultra modern website. The company offers unique value proposition to its clients.
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website on microsoft surface studio

Eventor - event management startup


Eventor is an example of how powerful one-page website can be in conveying a company's vision.
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Wed Design FAQ

Building a new website can cost anywhere between $100 and $100,000, sometimes even more. The price you pay will, to a high degree, determine what quality you will receive. So, a $100-website will probably be very simple, poorly designed, and lags in performance. A $100K-website, on the other hand, will have advanced functionalities, unique design, and leads in performance. But good quality websites does not have to be anywhere close to the $100K. Most small to medium-sized businesses will pay around $10K and get pretty good quality. It worth mentioning that it all depends on your business needs and why you need a website in the first place. Contact us to discuss more. Or, use our FREE website cost calculator.

CMS refers to ‘Content Management Systems’. These are software systems that helps you control and manager your web applications content. Perhaps, the most popular example is WordPress. The most notable benefit of CMS is that it does not need advanced technical knowledge to use it. Sometimes even when you have no technical knowledge at all, you can use CMS to build a simple website using ready-made templates.

Some people who needs a new website think about the Do-It-Yourself approach. With all the new GUI-based tools, building a website seems to be a simple task. This is true in some cases but not in others. So, if you are looking for a simple informative website that does not need any advanced functionalities, you are, probably, better off doing it yourself. However, things are not always that simple. The majority of those who took the DIY approach, ended up spending huge amount of time building the website and solving some of the unavoidable technical difficulties. What websites’ visitors see seems really simple, but what happens in the background is far more complex. If you really want a website that stands in the crowd, you will need to start with unique design which needs compliance with industry standards. You will need to work on many areas to improve your website’s search engines ranking. That includes fixing tags, optimizing copies, researching keywords, speeding up the website loading, and much more. You will also need to secure your website against outside attacks that, believe it or not, can target small websites as well. 

Have any other questions? Let us know and we will do our best to send you the answer.