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Our market research service is crafted by a seasoned team of analysts and researchers. Whatever your needs are we cover them; from uncovering new opportunities and studying incumbent or emerging industries, to scanning the market for pricing strategy, sizing your target market and breaking the competition to pieces. We are proud to have served great customers in various industries such as telecom, energy, automotive, software, and hospitality. Our customers include both end users and big research firms. 

ServiceZone has the expertise to conduct many types of market research. Below are some examples. The type of market research helps in setting the project objective and identify the type of data to be collected. 

Product Research

Market Analysis

Pricing Research

Industry Knowledge/Analysis

Competitor Analysis

Market Sizing

Go-to-market Strategy

Demand Forecast

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How It works

1. Data Collection

  • Whether your research needs primary or secondary data sources, our analysts are experienced enough to get the data that would deliver insights with the highest quality. 
  • Surveys: we design questionnaires, and distribute, collect, and analyze responses.
  • Interviews: we interview industry experts and independent consultants to get the best inside knowledge.
  • Secondary data: we only reference reliable secondary sources including industry reports, and widely accepted studies. 

2. Data Transformation

  • Our team is expert in many data transformation techniques and platforms. Through a careful planning and sharp vision, we are able to transform the messiest data sets into insightful knowledge. Our transformation process can be summarized as follows:
  • Cleaning: we use technologies like Python, R, JMP SAS, and Microsoft Excel to clean raw data, and remove any inconsistencies that might affect data analysis.
  • Core transformation: this involves many sub-processes including filtering, derivation, joining, splitting, and aggregation. These sub-processes are dictated by the business rules derived from the research objectives. 
  • Summarization: this final is about getting the data ready for final analysis and reporting. 

3. Analysis and Reporting

  • The final stage is as easy as reading the transformed sets of data, identifying trends and seasonalities, and extract the necessary business insights. Toward that goal we use sophisticated techniques and methodologies that deliver insights effectively. Here are some examples:
  • Statistics: we use statistical techniques to summarize data sets and identify trends. Of these techniques we use regression, descriptive statistics, t-tests, and other. 
  • Data Visualization: for data visualization we use Tableau to aggregate data from more than one source and build effective dashboards. 

Our top customer

We are proud to be chosen by the research giant IHS Markit for 3 successive engagements.

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