Brand Design

We develop brands that capture both the attention and emotions of your customers. Crafting brands has long been our thing. We do it with passion and put our heart in it.

Whether you are looking to develop a new brand or a re-brand, you can certainly depend on us. We develop brands that stand out. We do not just make logo and stationaries designs. We craft a comprehensive personality for your brand. A personality that will capture your customers at first sight. 

Develop Persona

Developing customer persona is like laying the foundation of any brand development process. Whether your company already have persona(s) or not, we can help identify it and reflect it on your brand characteristics.

Brand Strategy

A sound and clear brand strategy helps you set the way you deal with the market, from how you appear (logo and website design) to how to speak to your customers (tones, expressions, etc...).

Brand Elements

Based on your persona and brand strategy we start putting down the basic elements of your brand. That include colors, typography, shapes, slogans, etc...​

Logo Design

Taking the time to lay the foundations makes the rest of the process a piece of cake. Logo design should not be a challenging milestone but a fun one.

Brand Messaging

Here we identify the way you will address your customer; your marketing messages tone, your differentiation factors, and what best describe the way you do business.

Glueing Everything

Putting everything together and handing you a comprehensive guide on how to use your brand elements and for what purpose.


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