Why Do You Need A Corporate Identity?

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Brand identity is not only about a logo and a set of colors. It is a promise that your business makes to your customer. Brands speak about the personality of the business.

Top brands are treated as valuable asset. They even have dollar value that reaches billions. But that is for giant corporation. What about small companies and startups? Do they still need to invest in a corporate identity development?

Before meeting the world and offering products and services to customers, companies should dress up and appear in their best look.

Brand Identity for Small Businesses and Startups

As individuals, every day before going out to the world, we do dress up and put our best personalities on. The same goes for companies. Before meeting the world and offering products and services to customers, companies should dress up and appear in their best look. That is what brands do. 

With a decent brand, a company communicates the following to its customers:

  • How professional it is
  • Quality to be expected
  • Who are its products for
  • and much more

It is very rare to find a tier one company, in any industry, with low quality logo, or messed up typography and colors.

How Much Should A Startup Invest in a Brand Identity?

Let’s be honest. Brand, with all its associated elements, changes in the lifetime of a company several times. The reasons for that are many. For instance a company might get new management with different mindset and vision, or have to change product’s strategy in response to competition and market dynamics. 

That is why it is advisable, specially for startups with low starting capital, to avoid big agencies that usually require huge investment for corporate identity development. 

On the other hand, choosing a low cost branding service providers might result in bad quality work, which we do not want. 

ServiceZone Creative Services

ServiceZone creative services offer a solution to the dilemma of cost versus quality. You will find our branding service less costly relative to most agencies out there. But, at the same time, we guarantee that you will receive premium quality without having to risk your money by hiring a freelancer or low-costs agencies. 

Our creative services team consists of seasoned designers and artists, as well as marketing gurus who graduated from elite business schools in the U.S. 

Therefore, if you need to talk design, colors, or art, or you want to talk marketing and branding, we have got what you’re looking for. 

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ServiceZone Corporate Identity Guidelines - Example ToC

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  1. In fact ,I had a very good experience with ServiceZone company as they designed the corporate identity of my company. I received premium quality, with the least cost and it was delivered on time. ServiceZone has a very professional, friendly and patient team. They change and discuss with me every details. The design they have created for my brand impersonates my business.

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